Web Dating App

Web Dating App

User safety
Easy payments
Convenient administration application


Internet dating sites are becoming a growing phenomenon. However, a seemingly ideal date often turns into a horror, as such apps are often abused by scammers who lie about their identity. That’s why our client from the US wanted to develop a dating app that puts a stop to fake accounts. Verifying the identity of each user was a top priority for him.


Our developers developed the Fox & Muse web app. When registering, each user has to enter their passport or ID/driver’s license information, which allows the system to verify their identity. It will also check the user’s criminal record to prevent the registration of people who, for example, have been convicted of sexual harassment, thus guaranteeing the safety of other clients. The registration fee can easily be paid through the Stripe payment gateway, and this also applies to any other payments. In exchange for every dollar spent, the app then credits accounts with loyalty points, which can be further used to buy luxury lingerie for women, whether the lady buys it herself or gets it from a suitor.

The app includes the ability to simply chat with other users, of course, but it’s not a problem to use the call or video call feature as well. You can easily set up how far the dating app should show the location of people on the map.

We also programmed an administration application for our client, thanks to which he manages the system (purchases with loyalty points, blacklists of unsuitable users, etc.). We used Vue.js technology for the frontend and .NET 6 for the backend to develop both applications.


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