Shared Office System (Home Office Planner)

Shared Office System (Home Office Planner)

Easy office planning
Interactive map
Significant cost savings


At a time when most companies are making massive use of remote work, there are increasing numbers of shared offices that offer greater flexibility and lower costs. If most employees don’t need to go to the office every day, the company can use a smart system to keep their offices running without wasting resources. And our client Emil Frey, a distributor of cars of well-known brands, needed such a solution. An application that would enable the organization of shared offices, an up-to-date overview of availability, and, most importantly, the certainty that everyone will find their place.


We have created a system that allows all employees to seamlessly book and use shared offices. After logging in, the users see an overview of their reservations, they can freely manage them and plan everything in advance. The interactive map of offices and garages shows which seats are vacant or occupied, so everyone can choose and book exactly the spaces they need. This applies to both workplaces and parking spaces.


The application enables precise planning and displays free times and possible overlaps with colleagues during the reservation, so that there is never a conflict. Of course, there are free space filters and displays of workplace details after hovering the mouse. In addition, the home office planner allows users to book seats for their colleagues.


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