IoT Based Smart Lock

IoT Based Smart Lock

Development of IoT device
Device signalling login and logout
Web-based user management tool


ADUCID has developed a security technology based on electronic authentication of users. Thanks to the PEIG application, users can confirm their identity after reading the QR code when using services that require a really secure way of logging in. Typical examples are corporate portals or banking, and solutions that use the Internet of Things are increasingly common. The client needed to develop a presentation product that would illustrate the use of this technology.


We created a prototype device in the form of a lock, a web application for device management and an IoT server. Then we integrated ADUCID security technology into this platform, created user registration and login, and enabled the transfer of lock permissions to other users.


The lock hardware is based on a system on an ESP32 chip equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, supplemented by a GSM SIMCOM modem, LCD display and powered by an integrated Li-Ion battery. It includes a colored light signal and a switching relay. The lock communicates with the created IoT server, which verifies access rights.


To unlock the IoT lock, the user identifies himself using the PEIG application, specifically by reading the QR code displayed on the lock screen. The lock signals successful or unsuccessful unlocking with colored light.


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