Hospital Storage System

Hospital Storage System

Warehouse automation
Inventory overview
Option to work offline


Nemlog supplies hospitals with medical materials and, thanks to centralized storage, enables customers to reduce stocks to a minimum, which lowers storage expenses. The company needed to develop an application to improve warehouse management. It was supposed to be a system for the management of hospital warehouses, which will allow healthcare professionals to have a perfect inventory overview, focusing on the price and the availability of individual items.


Three developers built the system while one of them was focusing on the mobile version. The application consists of three parts and requests from the web or mobile clients are processed in the back-end by a programmed API. Currently, all data is stored in the Microsoft cloud system. The new application is specifically designed for hospital staff and warehouse managers because drivers and other employees use a different system. We have installed the mobile version on handheld scanners that use the Android operating system. After scanning the barcode, the scanner connects to the warehouse database immediately and all important data are exchanged.


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