Health Assessment Questionnaire Application

Health Assessment Questionnaire Application

Immediate processing of results
Digital communication with the patient
Advanced digital archiving


The American company Edwards Lifesciences is a world leader in the field of innovative treatment of heart disease. Their TAVI method helps patients with aortic stenosis. It allows for less risky treatment of this heart defect without opening the chest. However, before performing the procedure itself, it is necessary to assess the patient’s health.


The attending physician evaluates the health condition, among other things, on the basis of the form and evaluation system that Edwards Lifesciences provides to physicians together with the know-how and technology for the procedures themselves. In the past, patients had to fill out printed forms. Therefore, the client requested a digitalization of the entire process in order to reduce the time of evaluation, processing, and delivery of results to physicians and patients.


Doctors use the mobile application instead of printed forms. A new patient’s health card with a unique ID is created in the application for the new patient, who then fills in the entry form on the tablet. In the form, the user answers a set of questions evaluating his lifestyle and other similar parameters. Once the user submits the form, the application connects to the server using the API, so the responses are available for processing immediately.


After processing the answers, the application sends the results by e-mail to the attending physician, patient, or possibly the physician of the external office. At the next visit to the doctor, the patient fills in the form again and the results are automatically compared with the previous ones. The results are stored in the application, so there is no need to physically store and search for previously completed forms.


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