Development of ETL Interfaces (Talend)

Development of ETL Interfaces (Talend)

Simple workflow
Fast data transfers
Secured data


Rimowa, the luxury luggage manufacturer, needed interfaces to facilitate data transfers between various systems that the company uses. The aim was to find an optimal solution for moving all necessary data safely to specific locations – for example when exporting marketing data from Azure to create reports, performing FTP transfers, moving data from REST API to a relational database or from a database to SAP. Rimowa uses Talend technology which we quickly adopted, thanks to our previous experience with SSIS packages by Microsoft.


Two developers are assigned to the client and available every day. Their jobs and tasks are continuously driven by the client’s needs. Typically, they receive a specification of the source data, their target format and destination. Then the developers use Talend to transform the data and to move it where necessary. Working with Talend is faster and easier for both the client and our software team. Rimowa uses ten different database systems so the seamless data transfer is a must.


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