Our experienced developers provide comprehensive custom software development, business intelligence, database management, machine learning and document capture services. MEMOS Software helps you work faster and more efficiently.

  • Software development

    In custom software development we offer a unique approach. We fully focus on your needs and we regard you as a member of the development team. This means that you have immediate access to any finished part of the application and you can test or even use it in practice, thereby influencing the development of the remaining software in order to adapt it to your requirements. This prevents any disagreements and subsequent reworking, which can occur when the client only sees the entire application once it is completely finished. This unique client approach is intended to guarantee your satisfaction.


    We know that there is no universal technology that suits every requirement. Therefore, we individually select the particular technical solution for each separate project. Our team specializes in:

    C# / C++ / Microsoft .NET / JavaScript / Microsoft Access /Microsoft Sharepoint / VSTO pro Microsoft Office / PHP

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  • Databases

    Everyday operation of any organization generates a large amount of data from various systems. However, this does not guarantee the data will be used efficiently. Our database systems help your organization produce only important, relevant and processed data in a well-arranged, comprehensible form that is easy to interpret. Increased efficiency results in competitive advantage, saves costs and increases the productivity of in-house processes.

    A specific form of working with databases is switching to new information systems. This involves processing all the company’s data — highly demanding and extremely error-prone work — that we can take off your hands. We test each migration several times, including independent implementation. Our goal is that the user, when launching the new application or information system after data transmission, will find all data without losses, problems and time delays.


    We can work with any client database or format to process all relevant data. The most popular forms of data processing we use are:

    Microsoft SQL Server / Microsoft Access / Reporting Services / Microsoft Data Transformation Services / Crystal Reports / mySQL

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  • Document capture

    Manual acquisition of data from documents, processing and subsequent archiving require a lot of time and effort and is highly error-prone. A typical manual transcription results in many output data errors while non-observance of an archiving system often means that some documents are not processed at all. Both of these issues can be prevented by automatically processing the documents.

    Using e-mail, scanning or simply by taking a photo of a document on a mobile phone, the document can be transmitted to our application with artificial intelligence that recognizes the type of the document. The app can then classify the document and continue to work with it, capture data from it and export it to your systems before finally archiving the document. For example, from an invoice received by e-mail, data is automatically sent to your accounting software and a payment order is created. The invoice can be easily and quickly found in the archive at any time.


    The package of technologies for machine reading of documents, classifying, data capture, saving and searching the archive has been developed under the name of REDQUE. You can find detailed information on our specialized Redque page, where you can also request a consultation.

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Our products

We develop our own applications for diverse industries in order to simplify, accelerate and increase the efficiency of your company.

eWay CRM

eWay-CRM is an information system embedded into Microsoft Outlook. It is designed for companies that want to manage their sales, leads and projects more efficiently. eWay-CRM is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook and users benefit from the very close integration between these two applications.


Redque is an innovative product for automatic document processing. The program itself will acquire (from e-mails, FTP, scanner) the necessary documents, recognize their type and using the artificial intelligence, it will extract all the important data, that are exported to your system and archived subsequently.

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