News synchronization in WordPress

  • Client:Pernod Ricard
  • Released:November 2016


Fast and simple editing of website news category with no WordPress login required and processing of new data imports at the same time.

Mockup News synchronization in WordPress


Development of new website news category administration module and implementation into an internal system that is used on daily basis. User is able to create and publish a new article fast and easily by using the system. As a result the internal system is synchronised with the websites in a real time. There is no need of user login and their ability to use WordPress. The data import is processed automatically from the internal system to WordPress. All the functionality is controlled in one bundle that is well recognised by the users.

Customer benefit

The users can publish articles by the synchronization module with no need of switching between the systems. The automatic synchronization between internal system and WordPress is a component of the module. This helps the users to create a new article faster and easier.

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