GPS dispatcher system

  • Client:R-Altra
  • Released:December 2012


R-Altra, the company specializing on development, delivery and operations of the complex GPS systems for transportation industry, approached us to develop a real-time GPS-based dispatcher software application. This application is implemented at the R-Altra's customer – Prazske sluzby a.s.

The inquiry concerned a dispatcher system for operative work, which ensures work planning support as well as controlling and consequent reporting for tracked vehicles. Typically it deals with (tracks) garbage trucks and winter road-service trucks. However, similar solution can be deployed among others for heavy machinery, buses or ambulances.

Mockup GPS dispatcher system


Our system uses R-Altra's GPS tracking devices to track the specified vehicles. Based on pre-set plans (loaded from customer´s internal system) the planned trucks routes and performance are tracked and compared with the reality – with the actually performed routes and tasks based on gathered data from the GPS devices.

These devices deliver not only the GPS location of each truck, but also all truck service information – e.g. fuel consumption, engine performance, whether or not is the truck salting the road, snowplowing, picked up the garbage containers, etc.

The strongest emphasis while designing the software was put on the correct understanding of future users' work style which we consequently utilized into the User Interface. In order to do that right, we created several software prototypes in the form of a wireframe and each of them was extensively user tested.

Thanks to this approach we were able to overtake competitive solutions with a more profound and functional user controlling of the software and at the same time keep the user interface simple enough (despite the complicated agenda and large amount of data handled).

Customer benefit

Our GPS software did not only brought financial savings for the customer, but we can name further benefits, among others:

  • vehicle routes and schedule optimization
  • time savings thanks to automated work reports
  • route controlling mechanism
  • significant supporting tool for Services Warranty/Disputes solution
  • real-time on-line data available for dispatchers
  • billing data support
  • advanced reporting functions for further analyses

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